Protecting and Enhancing the Style of Your Vehicle

images (36)Grille guards is created to provide both safety and aesthetics to the vehicle. It is made of tubular steel that provides extra protection to the front end of your vehicle.

If you’re looking for an exterior add-on that is easy to install and provide both cosmetic and functional advantage, then this is what you need.

Benefits of putting grille guards
Grille guard is an automotive accessory usually seen on trucks and SUVs. It makes the vehicle look better and provide protection at the same time. Here are the advantages you get from putting this exterior part on your ride.

  • Installing it onto the exterior can make your vehicle look tougher
  • Gives a style boost for the vehicle’s front end, making it stand out from the rest
  • Protects the grille and headlights from damage caused by brush, rocks, and other road substances as you drive by
  • Shields the front end of the vehicle in case of low-speed impacts
  • Can be used as a push bar for helping other motorists move their vehicles, in case of emergencies
  • Easy to install and can be generally mounted into pre-existing holes on

How to Remove Carbon Fiber Decals From Vehicles

download (76)Customizing cars has always been a great hobby for people. In more recent years, the use of vinyl decals has become a popular way to customize vehicles without the commitment of a paint job. Among those decals, carbon fiber has become popular as a way to not only protect your vehicle, but also give it a brand new look. While many have covered the basics of how to install carbon fiber, very few think of the removal process, so we’ve decided to cover it for you here.

Whether the material has faded, ripped, or you just decide you want to change things up, you want to be sure you are careful when removing any decal so as not to damage the paint job underneath or leave sticky residue. The key to decal removal is patience. The process is not very difficult, but will take time so it’s best not to rush so you can avoid any accidents.

Much like the application process, it is best to start with heat. Most professionals will use a heat gun, but a hair dryer will

Can Paintless Dent Repair Save Your Vehicle’s Value?

There’s been a minor fender bender? Paintless dent repair may be the answer. Invented by a Mercedes technician, the technique involves the use of pressure, adhesives, and specialized knowledge to push out the metal without damaging the paint or clear coat. The technique has the benefits of not only being less expensive, but also more environmentally friendly than methods requiring noxious fillers and extensive repainting work. With PDR, the work is accomplished more quickly, getting the owner back on the road sooner.

In 1960, Oskar Flaig, a staff member working for Mercedes at the International Car Show in New York City, accidentally discovered the technique. The vehicles on display were subjected to the attentions of a sometimes overzealous public. It was Oskar’s job to ensure the cars were returned to pristine condition each evening in preparation for the next day’s show. In an effort to save on filling material, which takes time to dry, Oskar used a hammer handle to press out a small dent in one of the cars. The result was a perfect repair, with no need for finishing work. Over time, the technique was adopted and perfected by mechanics and technicians.

Today’s paintless dent repair is carried out by

Reasons to Use a Professional Auto Paint Shop

One of the guaranteed ways to give your car a new touch of class and elegance is having it painted by a professional. Due to the complexity of this task, it is recommendable to find an auto paint shop that is reputable and legally accredited. Here are some of the benefits of seeking professional services.

Right Tools and Equipment

Although deciding to paint your own car is a viable idea, it will take more than purchasing a can of paint and a brush. Professional auto painting experts have modern tools and equipment that they use on a daily basis. By hiring them, you will save money that you would have spent purchasing these tools. In addition, they have the skills and ability to operate the equipment. Hence, you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands.

Right Type of Paint

Nowadays, there are hundreds of varieties in the market, and this makes it quite overwhelming and tedious to choose the right one. Experts in this field know the pros and cons associated with each paint variety. Hence, they can help you choose one that suits your personal tastes and preferences as well as the model of your car.

Right Color Choice

The best auto

LED Lighting Options and Accessories for Autos

Nowadays, LED lights are used for what seems like an endless array of applications and tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the ways LED lighting can make your vehicle safer and more attractive.

First of all, many auto manufacturers are choosing to incorporate LED lights into their vehicles right from the start or as an option. For example, headlights and tail lights can now have LED lights instead of traditional halogen lights that have been used in the past. Not only can LED replace the main lamp of the light, which produces the most light in front of the vehicle, but additional, smaller LED lamps can be added to the light fixture for additional brightness or even color.

LEDs can also be used to make vehicles more attractive. You may have seen auto racing movies like the Fast and the Furious before. In those movies, many cars are tricked out with lights that appear underneath the car. These lights are almost always LED based. Car customizers use LEDs because of their powerful brightness available in such a small package. Due to this, they can be attached to the bottom of the vehicle easily. They can also take on just about

Motorized Vehicles and Decals, A Match Made in Heaven

For many, warmer weather means going out and spending time outdoors. This time is often spent on a variety of motorized vehicles from motorcycles and golf carts to boats and dirt bikes. What many people don’t notice, or even take into consideration is that many of these vehicles require special identification labels such as registration numbers. Vinyl decals are a great way to not only display the needed information but also do it in a way that is fun, colorful and fits the style of your vehicle.

Next time you’re out on a lake or any body of water for that matter; take a look at the boats and other water craft around you. Chances are you’ll notice that they all have some combination of numbers and letters on the side. This is known as their boating registration numbers and is required to be displayed on the side of the boat. You’ll probably also notice that many boats have been named and owners like to display this across the back of their ships. All of this is done using vinyl decals. The material is durable, water proof, and can be made in a large variety of colors and styles which makes

Its Importance and Reasons to Buy It for Your Vehicle

Fender flares is one of the aftermarket parts often bought by vehicle owners. It is called as “fender” in American English and”wing” in British English. It is an aftermarket automotive accessory available to most vehicles, may it be a car, SUV or a truck.


You can get a lot of benefits from using this part for your vehicle. The primary purpose of it is to prevent the rotating tires to throw particles such as mud, rocks, sand, liquids, and other road substances into the air. For aesthetic purpose, you can customize the look of your vehicle with this part. You can install it in your stock truck to add style.

Another benefit is it becomes an extension of your vehicle especially when you plan to put on bigger tires. It is fitted directly over the wheel well and contoured to match the same body lines of the vehicle. It is also used to hide rust or body damage around the wheel well. These are typically made to be rigid and paired up with flexible mud flaps.


Fender flares are legally required if you’re planning to put on larger tires. You need to determine what set of fender flares you want or need. Finding

The Ins and Outs of a Waterless Car Wash

The waterless car wash is one way California car owners can conserve water. These washes can be like regular car washes where you take your car to get washed or like mobile services that can come to you. Otherwise, if you’re DIY-inclined, you can purchase waterless wash and wax products to use on your own car.

Waterless car washes, also known as chemical car washes, use special chemicals to wash and polish a car’s surface. These products combine surfactants, lubricants, and pH builders to help break down dirt and grime more effectively.

How To Use A Waterless Car Wash

An easy, economical, eco-friendly, and quick way to clean your vehicle between washes is to use a waterless car wash. A waterless car wash uses a pre-prepared lubricating spray that is used to thoroughly saturate each section of your car, which later gets wiped, one section at a time. Then any light dirt or grime can be carefully wiped off, section by section. Ideally, you would use microfiber cloths, which will not hurt the car’s finish. Waterless car washes should really only be used on cars without heavy dirt build-up. Too much dirt, and you risk scratching the car’s finish.

Finding the Right Product: You

5 Types of Car Air Fresheners

Car air fresheners with a sweet fragrance have the ability to quickly overpower plenty of bad smells to provide a fresh smelling sanctuary for the more enjoyable car journey. Well-chosen air fresheners can produce a pleasant smell that is powerful enough to eliminate odors related to smoking, takeout food, or other foul smells. Here are five of the best car air fresheners on the market:


The can style of air freshener is similar to the sticky gel, and consists of a metal or plastic can that holds a sweet-smelling fragrant gel pack. The can has a top section with adjustable holes which makes it easy to determine the amount of fragrance to release at any one time. While these products have the potential to last longer than most of the sticky gel products, they still aren’t very effective at removing the strongest smells in the vehicle.


The plug-in fresheners are a popular choice and consist of an oil-based compound that is contained within a plastic housing. They are designed to plug into the power outlet on the dashboard, and start to emit a fragrance once the oil-based compound is heated. This plug-in is great for strong odors, and soon fills the entire

The Advantages of Alloy Wheels for Your Car

You may be thinking about getting new wheels for your car, but are not sure how compatible they are with your car. Here are the benefits of getting alloy wheels for your car and how they are worth the investment.

Alloy wheels are aesthetically pleasing because they can be cast in any kind of design thus making your car unique. However, there is a reason to why they were designed with alloy material, besides aesthetics.

Engineering is designing for function first before beauty. The combined metals of these wheels are often made to enhance the strength and quality of the product. You are installing stronger wheels with better handling when you choose this option.

Wheels made with alloys are lighter in weight thus making your car lighter and, consequently, enhancing speed and mileage. In other words, they have a lower unsprung weight. By having a lighter car, not as much energy and force is required to get the car moving forward thus making your car slightly lighter on fuel.

Most commonly drivers have previously chosen to install steel rims because they are incredibly strong but they are not as efficient as alloy wheels. Often you will see that the steel rims would be

Which Toyo Tyres Are Suitable for Everyday Driving?

There are different kinds of tyres for every condition. Toyo Tyres have options for racing, commercial and passenger, as well as for snow or winter season, for hot weather and wet weather conditions. Here are the different Toyo Tyres that are suitable for everyday driving.

Versado Noir passenger tyres have been designed to be suitable for any kind of season. These tyres also last a long time if you intend to do a lot of travelling and increase the fuel efficiency of your car.

Extensa A/S passenger tyres are suitable for all seasons. However, the handling for the winter seasons was considered more. The tread pattern on the tyre was designed to decrease the amount of wear and allows an escape path for any water that has entered in the tread.

The M-55 is a tyre used in lighter trucks such as a Ford Ranger. They work very well for off-road handling and wet or snowy season. The tread has room to install studs for extra grip and has an escape path for water. Because of its bulk, the fuel consumption is much greater than it would be on any other type of tyres.

Proxes ST II is an all season tyre that

Can Quality Tyres Be Affordable?

Cars are expensive items to have and are always in need of servicing or some car part has to be changed or replaced. Tyres are the most vulnerable part of the car, but can you get good quality at an affordable price?

You need to assess how you drive when you decide to get a new set of tyres. Each option has a different kind of tread for each purpose, such as off-roading, general road use, and snow. The quality of the tyre depends on how it manages the car’s abilities on the road.

High profile tyres are affordable. They are not noisy and give a more cushioned ride which makes the drive comfortable. Because they have a better grip on the road and their cushioning helps with the drive, the car becomes more fuel efficient. Low profile tyres give the car better braking and cornering ability. They tend to do well on dry roads. There isn’t much of a difference between the two profiles, but it can determine the quality.

When buying a tyre you always have to look at what its characteristics are. It needs to have proper tread depth, width and rolling resistance. Quality tyres must have good strength

Are Certain Wheels Suitable for All Weather Conditions

We tend to drive with the same wheels and tyres throughout the year and don’t consider changing them for the winter months. But that’s because we live in the southern hemisphere. If we do this so blindly, are the wheels on our cars suitable for all weather conditions or are we taking our chances?

There are a wide range of options available that accommodate the everyday driver as well as race car enthusiasts. Whether it is suitable for all weather conditions will depend on which type of wheels and tyres you opt for. Generally, most passenger vehicle options are suitable for all weather conditions.

However, when choosing wheels and tyres for your car you need to consider cold, hot, and wet weather conditions. As they might go through all of these harsh conditions at some point during the year so they could get damaged. Or worse, they won’t be able to grip the road when you need it most, such as on wet roads. This could lead your car to skid dangerously across the road. Therefore you need to ensure that the wheels and tyres can handle wet conditions as well as cold and hot weather conditions.

In the southern hemisphere, snow

Spray Painting Your Car – Basic Facts

download (77)A car is a prized possession! Ask a vehicle owner about sending his car for maintenance and repairs or for a coat of repainting, and chances are there are hundreds of unanswered questions running around in his head!

Considering repainting your own car rather than getting professional help can not only be an exhilarating experience but also save a lot of money, which in itself can be a huge motivating factor. Spray painting the car is however not as easy as it may seem especially for a first-timer, but is certainly not impossible armed with the right materials and attitude. Getting the job done easily and quickly involves having the right accessories in hand and following some simple pieces of advice. And of course, choosing to be a little adventurous is an option for the individual to exercise.

The basic supplies required for spray painting are:

• Spray paint cans in the choice of color chosen
• Spray gun
• Spray rust killer and primer
• Fluorescent paint (if adventurous!)
• Newspaper
• Masking tape
• Sanding paper
• Car was

Decorating With Goose Trailer Decals

Goose trailer decals are a relatively inexpensive way to turn that average looking trailer into the hunting rig you always wanted. The young thrill lover generation likes to transform their looks and everything belonging to them in a style to expose their interests. The basic aim behind expressing the liking for something by using stickers, vehicle decals is something which is highly in practice among the youngsters nowadays. The same case is with those who are avid hunters as they also want that their whole attire, style, and even the vehicle they own to exhibit their interests in hunting and their adventurous nature.

For this purpose, they decorate their vehicles with different decals and use stickers to transform the outer look of their truck or car into their favorite style. Goose trailer decals are also one of the ways hunters choose to decorate their trailers. There is a vast range of ideas in goose trailer decals and some of them are mentioned as under:

Different Ideas in Goose Trailer Decals:

A goose trailer is designed with impressive images of several geese flying the skies or landing with a contrasting background. The black colored goose over the white background gives the perfect contrasting impression.

Popular Wheels for Car Enthusiasts

Have you ever wanted to buy a new set of wheels but you weren’t sure which ones to go for? Of course you have! Wheels have become the focal point of any car because of the finishing touch they give to your car. Here are a few popular wheels that you should consider.

Firstly, the most popular brands amongst car enthusiasts are Lenso, Scarlet and Storm. Amongst these brands there are some wheels that are well sought after by car enthusiasts.

Lenso wheels are at the top of the range. This brand is often used for race cars and for normal cars used every day. These wheels give a beautiful finishing touch to your car with their uniquely designed spokes and alloy material.

Scarlet wheels are reliable and have been around for many years. They give a classy look to any car and tend to last a really long time. They are better known for their luxurious appeal.

Storm racing wheels are better known in the racing circles. These wheels are high performance and lightweight. They also have exciting designs that look great on sports cars and race cars.

Lenso Light S2 HB wheels are light yet durable and are listed as high performance wheels.

The Benefits of Putting Floor Liners To Your Vehicle

Wondering how you can keep the dirt and grime off of your vehicle’s flooring? Putting on floor liners is a great investment to help keep off any substance that will damage the interior floor carpet. This is also a nice addition for your vehicle to keep it in tip-top condition, which helps in retaining its resale value.

You’ll see different floor liner types and brands in the market such as Weathertech, Husky liners, and more. Before you buy one, you have to know the difference between each type and how it would fit onto your vehicle.

Floor coverage

You probably stumbled upon the terms universal and direct fit. Get to know the difference between these terms to see how it will fit onto your vehicle’s interior flooring.

Floor liners designed to precisely fit onto specific vehicles are called direct fit or custom fit. It is not the same as stock floor mats that came with your vehicle.

Custom fit floor mats provides a great coverage on the foot wells since it is created to surround edge-to-edge and fit securely onto the floor. It’s not a one-size fits all because it is designed with grooves and raised edges around the perimeters to trap liquid, dirt

Which Aspects of Wheels Will Look the Coolest

Many aspects make up the status of your wheels. This can include the amount of spokes, the size of the spokes, the finish of the face and the bolt patterns. Here are some aspects of wheels that will make your car the hottest ride on the street.

The first thing that gives character to the look of your car is the amount of spokes forged into the wheel. The more spokes there are the more dangerous the car looks on the street. Often it will people remind people of metal rods or bars on the cages.

The face of the wheel might also have a different shape. In position of where the many spokes are, there are pieces of metal formed into a specific shape. These shapes are often curved or have the same shape as a petal. It isn’t as girly as it sounds. It gives a bold appearance and looks awesome on any car.

Another interesting type of spokes design is one where they intersect each other. They give a full appearance and are twice as daring as other spokes designs. The intersecting forgery gives it more a complete and filled appearance.

The colour of the face of the wheel is important

Customize Your Commercial Fleet With Aftermarket Parts Suppliers

download (78)Many private consumers are disappointed in the very limited array of accessories and upgrades that factory authorized dealers supply. They often have a very hard time finding the right products for personalizing their vehicles to better suit their lifestyles and their needs when shopping with these suppliers only. This, however, is a special challenge among company owners who are seeking to upgrade and enhance various autos within their fleets.

One of the top reasons why factory authorized dealers offer such a limited array of options is the fact that auto manufacturers want to have fairly standard looks for their brands. If every auto that a company produces looks different, building a solid brand identity could be next to impossible. Thus, these companies only choose a handful of options that will be made available to their customers.

Aftermarket sellers are able to do what vehicle manufacturers cannot. That is to put the needs of the customer ahead of any concerns pertaining to brand images. As a result, they offer an incredible selection of products for customizing trucks and cars. Best of all,

Do’s And Don’ts To Keep Your Car Clean And Fresh

A car – your best friend, ally, and companion that never ditches you until it is broken down. They are amazing for getting from one place to another, going on pleasant rides and assisting people to move their belongings. For some, it is like their small house. No kidding!

Therefore, the way you keep your home clean and fresh, it is also important to keep your car fresh. When it comes to keeping a car clean, the foremost thing that pops in our mind is its smell. The terrible scent in the car may make you look unhygienic before your companions.

As a matter of fact, if your car isn’t clean and smells awful inside, no one is going to ride with you. Thus, it’s vital to keep it clean, manage the mess immediately, avoid doing things that may bring the bad smell (like smoking inside the car) and clean, deodorize the car properly. There are many different products you can use to keep your car smelling fresh and welcoming. Car fresheners and car perfumes are some of the essential products that every individual prefer to use to keep the car looking fresh and new.

Before you go out to purchase car perfume